Sami Capital is a Shariah Compliant Issuance Platform, capable of securitizing suitable assets to issue Debt Instruments and Structured Products based on diverse Shariah Compliant asset classes including Commodities, FX, Equities and Rates.


Sami Capital’s Shariah Compliant Issuance Platform is ideal for banks to efficently setup an offering of Shariah Compliant Structured Products.

Funds and Asset Managers

Funds and Asset Managers can take advantage of Sami Capital’s products to offer a Shariah Compliant offering to suitable Investors.

Family Offices and Qualified Investors

Family Offices and Quailified Investors can take advantage of Sami Capital’s bespoke structuring services to create one of a kind Investment Products.
Sami Capital can also support Financial Institutions and Banks to market white-labelled Shariah Compliant Products under their own brand name, set up their own Shariah Compliant Issuance Programme on a turn-key basis or issue co-branded Shariah Compliant Structured Products.
Sami Capital’s platform can be used securitize appropriate assets and issue Shariah Compliant Debt Instruments.